Company History

From humble beginnings where a visionary entrepreneur desired to assist those who were enhancing their overall appearances by the addition of hair pieces, tracks of hair and wigs to the present where that same visionary entrepreneur is constantly adding to that vision of overall beauty and self-well-being Universal Beauty Products has been presenting performance proven products to the marketplace.

Universal Beauty Products, Inc. was founded in 1995 in one room with two employees sharing a single desk and a single piece of filing equipment. Today, UBP has evolved and grown to 100+ employees. It is housed in a 200,000+ square foot facility with spacious offices, conference rooms, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and a wide array of technological tools. Throughout the decades, UPB has had the same visionary entrepreneur leading the charge and continuing to help customers develop and maintain a higher level of healthiness and well-being.

Universal Beauty Products, Inc

Universal Beauty Products, Inc., is committed to continue to provide performance proven products that will help enhance not only the hair and skin, but also those products that will help the customer maintain a higher level of healthiness and well being.