Healthy Hair Tips For Children
When it comes to the hygiene of children, routine and product usage can differ greatly from an adult’s. Children, particularly infants and toddlers, have delicate skin and therefore require a gentler regimen of care. This applies to the skin of the scalp and hair follicles, so it is important to pay attention to the best way to accommodate a child’s hair-type. Here are some tips to make sure you are taking the right steps in caring for your child’s hair.

Washing Tips

When you or your child are washing his or her hair, find a shampoo that is formulated for kids. These shampoos have enriching properties which aren’t harsh or stripping, keeping each strand hydrated and keeping the scalp healthy. They are also often no-tear products, which mean that it won’t sting if it gets in their eye area.

A little product goes a long way, as most children do not need sulfates or stripping agents to get chemical buildup out of their hair. For infants and children whose hair is being washed in the tub, make sure to shampoo last so that the child does not sit in the rinsed-off water throughout the duration of the bath.


Brush & Style Tips

It’s important to teach your child to brush daily, as knots can cause breakage in the hair. Wide-tooth combs are recommended for wet hair because hair is more susceptible to mechanical damage when wet, while bristle brushes can be used for dry hair. Don’t tug on the child’s hair, but instead begin at the ends, working your way up.

Consider hairstyles that don’t require heat or chemical treatments. If you need to blow dry you child’s hair, put it on the lowest setting of heat to prevent drying out the scalp and damaging the strand.

If you child has dry or curly hair naturally, using a conditioner after shampooing can be greatly beneficial. A small amount liberally applied to the end of the hair can tame frizz and lubricate the strand, making it more manageable during styling.


Cutting Tips

When your find that your kid needs a cut, find a professional who works with children regularly. Some children may find it difficult to sit still during a cut, and an experienced stylist can help in keeping them still while providing a quick and efficient cut. It can also help to bring a book or toy for your child to focus on while they are at the salon. If you want to cut your child’s hair yourself, be sure to use proper salon-grade scissors. This ensures a clean cut without damaging the hair like you may see with dull scissors.


Tips On Outdoor Protection

If your child loves to swim, you may know that chlorine can be a large contributor of hair issues for children. Chlorine is incredibly drying and can cause hair discoloration, so purchasing a swim-safe shampoo is a great idea to keep your child’s hair in check, especially if they have dry, curly hair.

During hot, sunny days, the scalp of the head should receive careful attention. When your child is in the sun for extended periods of time, provide a hat they can wear to shield rays and to keep harsh sunlight out of their eyes. The scalp can burn and become very dry, and protecting against damage can keep your child safe from not only sunburn, but also UV rays.