Shave Oil
SHAVE OILDescription:Looking to switch up your shaving routine? It’s time you try our Shave Oil. We’..
BLACK MARBLETurn your morning routine into a black-tie affair with the sophisticated BLACK MARBLE sh..
Jet Set Embark on a voyage of shave exploration with Jet Set! Inspired by NASA space probes, t..
The MAGNETIC FORCE The MAGNETIC FORCE shave set is just your type. The razor stands straight and..
NIGHT STAR NIGHT STAR was created for the dreamers, the visionaries, the outside-the-box think..
WHITE LIGHT Bring a bit of rest and relaxation to your morning routine with WHITE LIGHT. Creat..
Luxury Badger Shave Set
LUXURY BADGER SHAVE SET The Luxury Badger Shave Set is a top-notch introduction to the tradition..
Luxury Boar Shave Set
LUXURY BOAR SHAVE SET If you’re looking for a deluxe shave set with a more able-bodied brush, the..
Traditional Safety Razor
TRADITIONAL SAFETY RAZOR Your shave is only as good as your razor. Van der Hagen’s Traditional Sa..
Razor Blades
RAZOR BLADES With a single blade razor, the quality of the blade determines the smoothness of the..
Deluxe Badger Brush
DELUXE BADGER BRUSH Whether you’re a wet shaver who’s wet behind the ears, or a self-made master,..
Scented Luxury Shave Soap
SCENTED LUXURY SHAVE SOAP All shave soaps are not created equal. The Luxury Shave Soap is your ti..
Unscented Luxury Shave Soap
UNSCENTED LUXURY SHAVE SOAP If you’re prone to allergies, have a fickle sense of smell or prefe..
Premium Shave Set
PREMIUM SHAVE SET Van der Hagen’s Premium Shave Set is the best kit for any beginner on a budge..
Boar Brush
BOAR BRUSH Most popular with beginners, this brush is guaranteed to get you hooked on wet shaving. ..
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